Run Basic Mosquitto Broker in Docker

Steps to run a mosquitto broker in a docker:

1- Create two files:

First one mosquitto.conf where you have the basic configuration for your broker. We explain the mosquitto passwd file later.

[dalmine@rosas mosquitto]$ cat mosquitto.conf
listener 9001
protocol websockets
allow_anonymous false
password_file /mosquitto/config/passwd
[dalmine@rosas mosquitto]$

Then create an empty passwd file.

[dalmine@rosas mosquitto]$touch passwd


The first line of mosquitto.conf is about listener, 9001 is the default for websocket, I choose it because you can build or code other client with a lot of languages using webscoket, also you have mqtt 1883, mitts 8883 or random port as you wish , but you need to choose the protocol.

2- Set password to login

/ # mosquitto_passwd passwd alliot
Error: Empty password.
Password: / #

/ # cat passwd
/ # ls

We have the command mosquitto_passwd it is part of mosquitto packages.


3- Run Docker

Then we need to run docker command with a lot parameter we want to avoid configuration with any provisioning tools like compose,k8s,etc,etc,etc…


[dalmine@rosas mosquitto]$ sudo docker run -it -p 9001:9001 -v $(pwd)/mosquitto.conf:/mosquitto/config/mosquitto.conf -v $(pwd)/passwd:/mosquitto/config/passwd -d –name mosquitto eclipse-mosquitto

The command is (ONE LINE) –> docker run -it -p 9001:9001 -v $(pwd)/mosquitto.conf:/mosquitto/config/mosquitto.conf -v $(pwd)/passwd:/mosquitto/config/passwd -d –name mosquitto eclipse-mosquitto


4-Check logs:

[dalmine@rosas mosquitto]$ docker logs -f mosquitto
1528666018: mosquitto version 1.4.12 (build date 2017-06-01 13:03:46+0000) starting
1528666018: Config loaded from /mosquitto/config/mosquitto.conf.
1528666018: Opening websockets listen socket on port 9001.


We are open to receive new connections. Now we can use the mosquitto client command  line or any web/app client.

1528667142: New client connected from as lens_HJ9OowTbqNS11toqxXxt4eFnFew (c1, k120, u’alliot’).1528667142: New client connected from as lens_HJ9OowTbqNS11toqxXxt4eFnFew (c1, k120, u’batman’).1528667142: Sending CONNACK to lens_HJ9OowTbqNS11toqxXxt4eFnFew (0, 0)

1528667150: Received PUBLISH from lens_HJ9OowTbqNS11toqxXxt4eFnFew (d0, q0, r0, m0, ‘dc/batman/test’, … (4 bytes))1528667155: Received SUBSCRIBE from lens_HJ9OowTbqNS11toqxXxt4eFnFew1528667155: dc/batman/test (QoS 0)1528667155: lens_HJ9OowTbqNS11toqxXxt4eFnFew 0 dc/batman/test1528667155: Sending SUBACK to lens_HJ9OowTbqNS11toqxXxt4eFnFew1528667159: Received PUBLISH from lens_HJ9OowTbqNS11toqxXxt4eFnFew (d0, q0, r0, m0, ‘dc/batman/test’, … (4 bytes))1528667159: Sending PUBLISH to lens_HJ9OowTbqNS11toqxXxt4eFnFew (d0, q0, r0, m0, ‘dc/batman/test’, … (4 bytes))1528667160: New client connected from as baticueva (c1, k30, u’alliot’).1528667160: Sending CONNACK to baticueva (0, 0)1528667160: Received SUBSCRIBE from baticueva1528667160: dc/dc/batman/baticueva/# (QoS 1)1528667160: baticueva 1 dc/dc/batman/baticueva/#1528667160: Sending SUBACK to baticueva

1528667160: Sending SUBACK to baticueva
1528667190: Received PINGREQ from baticueva
1528667190: Sending PINGRESP to baticueva
1528667220: Received PINGREQ from baticueva
1528667220: Sending PINGRESP to baticueva

The logs depends in what kind of action are you doing with broker, you hace two main action, PUBLISH  where you send a message to the broker, and the other is SUBSCRIBE.

With any client you can set be a publisher or a subscriber. Keep in mind you have QoS , quality of service where determine how you can confirm your messages.

You can now connect to your mosquitto broker with your favorite client.





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